Foliage - Rózsadomb (Visionary Mind Records)

The Rózsadomb EP is inspired by introspective hikes in the scenic hills of Buda, Hungary.

While side A interprets two adjacent hills in the form of an ingenuous, harmonious soundscape with melodic overtones, side B attempts to bring out the essence in another pair of contiguous hills as a percussive expedition with a tinge of aesthetic noir.

Inspired during the 2020 social isolation.

Side A
A1. Szemlőhegy
A2. Rózsadomb

Side B
B1. Hárshegy
B2. Hűvösvölgy

Szemlőhegy is a tale of a Neptunian, piscean fantasy. Szemlőhegy floats one through a cave filled with uncanny, fluid artifacts aligning in a dubby vociferation.

Rózsadomb incites a tiny spark to grow into a grandiloquent manifestation, waltzing effortlessly across various junctures and blossoming into a fledgling fire, alive with love and emotion; confident and ready to explore the magic of youth.

Hárshegy delineates a serpentine force - strong, effervescent, and shrouded in mysticism, navigating the continuum with rigor and timeless wisdom.

Hűvösvölgy scrambles chronology, stepping into silence as it circumvents a theatrical farrago - of life, conquest, love, and death.


Foliage - Kvilletorget (Visionary Mind Records)

Kvilletorget is an attempt at embodying the quaint Göteborg urban scape. With harmonic sound artefacts and dark smearing textures enveloping the sonic façade, the Kvilletorget EP aims at reflecting the subtle balance that Göteborg presents - of that between emptiness and silence.


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